Covid Screening

Ensuring that you are in a sanitized and safe environment when you enter our offices is paramount. To facilitate this goal, our employees wear PPE when in contact with patients and guests. Your temperature will be taken at the door after asking you a few Covid-19 screening questions. When you enter our offices, we have in place strict hygiene rules for our staff and patients to follow aiding to diminish the spread of the virus. Telemedicine is provided to all our patients to provide them access to superior care while in the comfort of their own environment.

Covid Screening Questions

Covid Screening Questions

Symptoms and exposure screening questions (Check all that apply)

Do you have a new onset, or worsening, of any ONE of the following symptoms?

Do you have a new onset, or worsening, of any TWO of the following symptoms?

Exposure History

Thank you for your assistance to ensure that both patients and staff are protected

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